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Propeller Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your boat propeller is just as important as engine care. A boat prop that is not in good condition can cause many problems such as roughness, cavitation, corrosion and surface damage which reduces it's efficiency and hence raises fuel consumption and can cause other costly damage. A propeller is an important part of any boats equipment.

  1. There are so many situations where you can become stranded in large bodies of water due to prop damage. We recommend that you ALWAYS carry a spare propeller for use in such emergencies, a spare propeller may mean the difference between getting your boat home or being stranded for a long period of time. Another advantage to a spare prop is that if you ever damage your propeller, you have a prop to use while your other one is being repaired. A spare propellers can be purchased at a reasonable costs at most boat dealers and prop repair shops.

  2. If your propeller is damaged, NEVER run your boat for long periods of time with a damaged propeller as you may cause sever damage to the propeller from "cavitation burns" or bush failure. Extended use of a boat with a damaged propeller may cause damage to your engine or stern drive. Apart from seeing obvious blade damage, symptoms of a damaged propeller are vibration, loss of speed, apparent slipping (cavitation), loss of power or poor fuel economy.

  3. Your propeller is no different than the engine. To maintain the best possible performance from your boat you should have your propeller serviced at least once a year or certainly every time it is damaged.

  4. Close attention should be paid to keeping the propeller shaft greased to avoid problems removing your propeller. Be sure and use a water proof grease (such at 2-4-C grease) before you fit the prop and make this a routine part of your boats maintenance.

  5. If you have a Solas aluminum Alcup propeller you should grease the torsion rods inside the hub with a good quality marine grease such as 2-4-C. To do this you need to remove the plastic nut which retains the bush kit in the center of the propeller. Don't forget this is a left handed thread. Once you have done this, remove the bush kit and grease the springs. Reassemble and be careful not to over tighten the retaining nut.

  6. Some stainless steel propellers are prone to discoloration and corrosion. To help prevent this, you can use products such as Quicksilver's Corrosion Guard which is a spray giving a clear protective film coating to the metal.

  7. Your propeller is very important in achieving maximum performance from your boat. We recommend that you NOT try and repair it yourself. You could cause further damage that would result in the propeller being beyond repair, and it may cause other damage to your lower-unit. It is very inexpensive to have your propeller professionally repaired and serviced. AAA+ Hublot Big Bang Replica Watches

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